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Insider’s guide to a
Parliamentary Democracy

The ability of parliamentary processes to sufficiently hold the executive to account and to scrutinize legislation is one of the challenges of our time. There is interest globally how we in the United Kingdom conduct those processes. 

I undertook to certain emerging countries, to whom I dedicate Parliament Revealed, to shine a light on the purpose and manner by which the Westminster Parliament holds the United Kingdom government accountable. Tomorrow’s leaders and parliaments, wherever they maybe, might care to consider the content, and whilst not suggesting our system is perfect, but that we have been and are constantly evolving. 

We can learn from each other in attempting to ensure the prime purpose, that of ensuring that the interests of the people, whom government serve, are best protected. I have attempted to illustrate this by compiling a series of mini videos, in addition to the more lengthy introduction entitled Parliament in 30 minutes.
It gives me great pleasure therefore to make Parliament Revealed now more widely available, and to be used freely by all those who wish to develop a greater understanding of democracy in the United Kingdom.

Parliament Revealed Team

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Lord Waverley



Jordan Meade



Imogen Payter

Head of Relations

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