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Parliamentary Democracy

Quotes of the Week

House of Commons

"This is a landmark agreement and will be a feature of the relationship between our two great countries for many years to come. As a newly independent trading nation, the UK is reaching out to seize the opportunities of the future—opportunities that we are uniquely well placed to take."

House of Lords

"This is a debate about power and the damage done to ordinary people and democracy when the workings of power are hidden. In this country, laws which affect people’s lives are increasingly being made through delegated powers, secondary legislation and regulations which do not require the parliamentary scrutiny that voters expect."

Scottish Parliament

"Every drug death is a tragedy, leaving families, friends and loved ones looking for answers and support. I offer condolences to everyone who has been impacted by a drug death and reaffirm my commitment to them that I will continue doing everything possible to turn the tide on drug deaths in Scotland."

Welsh Parliament

"We believe very strongly that public care should mean that children are cared for by local authorities or other non-for-profit providers, where the overriding values are social values and the best interest and the outcomes for children. And so we don't really think that it's right that some private companies who are running fostering agencies or residential care services make significant profits from the children that they're looking after."

Northern Ireland Assembly

" Undoubtedly, recent restrictions will have an impact on consumer demand and the travel agents' recovery. I know of one travel agent who is on his own and runs his own business: he has had to pay back £50,000. In lieu of that, can the Minister's Department influence the Department for the Economy in order to rejuvenate the scheme that it once had?"